Just got this in the mail. Thanks, Mark! ^~^

Just got this in the mail. Thanks, Mark! ^~^

You've no need to apologize for you face on the shirt post, you're really cute!

Thank you so much. ^~^

Just watched markipliers draw my life and bawled my eyes out. Is this acceptable?

This is natural, yes.

Oh holy butts. I almost have 2,000 followers on here. I’m..

Thank you guys so much for the support, even though I’m never on. Hopefully that will change soon. I send you all my love.

You are popular. And because of that, you will never understand.


How was it to meet Mark, yami, wade, etc?

It was pretty awesome. They were all really nice and funny and it’s an experience I hope everyone gets to have. ^^

I saw you in the Markiplier video :3

oh god. I was so annoying and awkward. It was totally awesome to be a part of though. ^^

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! I promise you won’t regret it. (Sorry about the mobile link)

I’ve been playing too much Animal Crossing lately. I made this and a few other things. I thought I would share this one. For my fellow Markiplites.